MySQL Replication Service

Let us keep a live copy of your database.

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Live Backups

are better than daily backups


You have an up-to-the-second cloud copy of your database.


You need to share your database with us. (We promise to keep it safe)

Why settle for daily backups when you can have live backups?

How it works

Give us access Allow network connections to your database (usually on port 3306) to our IPs. Add a "server-id=1" to your [mysqld] configuration. Provide us with a hostname, database name, username, and password to access your database (preferably over SSL).

Let our servers replicate Our servers will then connect to your database and create a live copy using master-slave MySQL replication.

Retrieve At any time, you can browse your database online (using phpMyAdmin) and download a copy of the database.

A moment in time We even keep snapshots of your database and binary logs, so you can retrieve a snapshot of your database at any time during the last week.

Monitoring We'll keep a close eye on the status of you live copy. As soon as it falls behind, we'll let you know.

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I can't believe it was so easy to setup!
Nicole Franco
WordPress™ Consultant
When my site was hacked I was able to retrieve a copy of the database just seconds before the incident. Thank you ReplicaDB!
Craig Watson
I've setup MySQL replication before and it was a real mission. But this was so quick and easy.
Edward van Kuik
DevOps Engineer